Portland to Bend


July 7, 2017

Today started out how all Portlandians start out their days. We went to Voodoo Doughnuts. I’d actually never been there so it was very exciting. I got a Cap’n Crunch doughnut and an Oreo doughnut because I couldn’t choose. Kirk got and apple fritter. They were worth the hype. We drove up to Mt. Hood where we checked out the adventure park and had lunch. We made grilled cheese sandwiches out of the back of the van.


We got into Bend at about five and had dinner at the Bend Brewing Co. Then we walked around downtown which was quite quaint. Bend was the first place we didn’t have reservations so we knew it would be an adventure. We started on a forest road but there were some backpackers and no one was car camping so we tried a nearby state park. This was too nice and also full. Then we went down another forest road that had a small developed, first come first served campsites. This was just right. We made a campfire and relaxed while enjoying our fifth dating anniversary.

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