Spokane to McCall, Idaho

April 6, 2018

We are off again! 3rd annual Spring Break trip. Today’s destination is McCall, Idaho. We were supposed to stay at Zim’s Hot Springs but have no idea if they are open. Just drove through Tensed, Idaho and saw a pack of wild pups. There were three of them and we almost stopped but thought they might be on a journey. Weather is holding up and Chrystan is driving. I could get used to this…


April 7, 2018

Yesterday we had a surprisingly pleasant drive from Spokane to New Meadows, Idaho. We stopped at the Nez Perce historical site and saw an old trading post and an even older cemetery. It was about 66 degrees. when we stopped. We drove through Riggins, ID which looked like a cool place in the summer. Lots of places to pull over and camp. I wasn’t sure if the campground at Zim’s would be open and it wasn’t. Luckily Zim let us camp in the parking lot. We made some pasta and then took a dip in the hot spring. It was quite lovely. We settled in the van and read before falling asleep. It really didn’t get too cold and no one bothered us.



We got up around 9 am and headed for McCall. All the campgrounds in the area were closed and I didn’t find out why until we got there. There was about three feet of snow on the ground. McCall is pretty cute and we decided we’ll be back within two years. We ate lunch at the Salmon River Brewery and headed for Jackpot…

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