Billings to Devil’s Tower

July 30th, 2018

Yesterday we drove from Billings to Devil’s Tower. It was a long drive but we got to stop at the battle at Little Bighorn Memorial. We chased some storms through Wyoming and got to see a full rainbow. Of course this provided excellent photos with Goldie.


We got to our campsite about 6 pm and its right at the base of Devil’s Tower. We made dinner and then went to watch the movie Close Encounters of The Third Kind. It was pretty cool to have Devil’s Tower on the TV and right behind the TV. This morning we got up early to watch hot air balloons fly over head. We had the opportunity to get on but declined due to who I am as a person.

We went up to the Devil’s Tower Visitors Center and took the trail around the rock. It was paved the whole way and easy and it gave us nice views all the way around.

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