South Dakota Adventures

July 30th 2018 Continued…


I had heard funny noises coming from the right front tire but I couldn’t see anything wrong. But after we pulled over at the South Dakota sign, Goldie started making noises and we were unable to drive. We pulled over at a rest stop nearby and looked in. Long story short the ball bearing was all melted and we needed to replace it. It would take two days to fix, luckily Kirk’s dad was with us and we could continue on our adventures.

We drove down the Spearfish Canyon highway to the Crazy Horse memorial. It was an impressive sight but we felt like the family wasn’t that interested in finishing it so we were a little disappointed.

Then we rushed off to Mt. Rushmore for the evening program. None of us had been so it was exciting to see. The evening program was really well done and left us all feeling quite patriotic. If there had been fireworks we probably would have enlisted in the Army. We got some souvenirs and made our way to Custer where Kirk’s dad got us a nice hotel room.


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