About Us


Our names our Chrystan (on the left) and Kirk (on the right). Chrystan writes daily while on our trips from the passenger seat and Kirk is the photographer and driver. He uses a Nikon D3300. On our trips we like to go to buffets, casinos, visit state capitols and read all the books. Basically we are 65 years old in twenty something bodies.

We are motivated to visit all 61 national parks (adding Gateway Arch & Indiana Dunes) which is the theme to our travel and road trips. We collect magnets for our van and Kirk collects patches for his backpack. So far we have been to 27/61. We have also been to many National Historic Sites and National Monuments which can be just as cool as National Parks!

Our decision to road trip: In June 2015, Chrystan’s Dad passed away suddenly in Ohio from a heart attack. Wracked with grief and anxiety Chrystan decided she could not fly to her father’s funeral. Kirk took 4 days off of work and created a plan to drive Chrystan from Seattle to Ohio so she could be with her family. We drove 12 hours each day and got there in three days. We realized that if we could drive for that long and in those horrible conditions, we could drive anywhere.

This blog is our travel journal come to life. Chrystan writes in a journal for every trip so we can look back and not only remember our trips but the places we went, the people we met, and the memories we made.

Our purpose for this blog is to give you ideas of where to go, inspiration for your next trips, and a look into the joys of road-tripping.