Our Van Goldie


On our spring break trip we spent about $1000 on transportation and hotels. We thought that there had to be a better and cheaper way to travel. That summer we were tent camping and it was so windy that I did not sleep. After that we started looking at tent trailers. That’s when I remembered the van my family had when I was a kid. My parents would lay the seat down in the back and it was the perfect camper van. We started looking on Craigslist and following the #vanlife on Instagram. On a birthday trip to Portland for my sister Kirk contacted a guy who was eager to sell his 1999 Chevy Express conversion van.  That’s when we met Goldie.

We took her home to Seattle the next day and started working on a plan. Kirk took the captain seats and the back bed out. Him and his dad quickly built a frame for a bed and we put in a full size mattress. We put in a desk to hold all of our kitchen supplies and a new center console to hold all of our maps and guidebooks.

We are obsessed with Goldie, we talk about her like she is a person, and we often do photo shoots with her. She keeps us safe and warm at night and takes us to some of the coolest places in the US and Canada.