Glacier National Park

April 13th, 2018

Wednesday we left Missoula and drove to Glacier National Park. It was a lot snowier than we expected but stayed above freezing. We got there pretty early so we went on a little hike. The Going to The Sun road is plowed but not open so we walked that. It was absolutely silent on our walk.


We saw three people and about ten deer. We made pasta for dinner and settled in. It was supposed to rain all night but it didn’t. We actually got a really pretty sunset and saw some blue sky.


On Thursday we drove to Hot Springs, MT. That town is quite sad. There’s a hotel and hot spring as the main attraction. We walked around town and there was a lot for sale and a lot of people with no teeth. The hot spring was surprisingly busy. It was very nice when we finally got in. We sat and eavesdropped on local conversations until we felt good about ourselves. We snacked and read in bed until it was time to go to sleep. We both agreed a return trip was not in the near future.

We left hot springs and headed back to Spokane which marks the end of our Spring Break 2018. Not before a stop at Wallace, ID’s Red Light Garage for lunch.

Trip Highlights

Part of our trip:

Kirk: Challis Hot Springs

Chrystan: the drive along Salmon River


Both: Buffet at Jackpot


Both: McCall, ID


Kirk: drive from Spokane to McCall

Chrystan: Craters of the Moon


Kirk: Top of the Sand Dunes

Chrystan: Top of the Cinder Cone


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